Sunday, 11 December 2011

How To Resell Unwanted Groupon Coupons

Call it coupon remorse, that feeling you get after buying the daily deal from Groupon, LivingSocial, or any of their countless competitors. Either you no longer want the deal, or you can't take advantage of it for some reason. (The school play is the same night as those Cirque du Soleil tickets? Damn!)

Fortunately, several sites now offer you the chance to get some or all of your money back. At,, and, you can sell your unused deals. For how much? That depends.

DealsGoRound, for example, takes a 10 percent cut of whatever price you set for your coupon--but there's no listing fee. At Lifesta, you pay 99 cents to get your deal listed, plus 8 percent of the sale price. Both sites handle both sides of the transaction, much like eBay.

If you prefer a more Craigslist-style (read: free) option, CoupRecoup charges no fees, instead simply putting interested buyers in touch with you directly. (Indeed, the site refers to itself as "Craigslist for Groupons.")

As you may have guessed, these sites also give buyers a chance to scoop up deals they may have missed, or to get an even lower price on a particular offer.

So, do these coupon resellers really work? This past spring, I used LivingSocial to buy a two-night stay at a B&B. But it turned out there was no way my wife and I would be able to use the voucher before it expired in March--so I listed it on DealsGoRound.

A few months went by, during which I forgot all about it--but, then, presto: somebody bought the coupon, and I'd made back most of my money. So it took a while, but the outcome was good.

If you're sitting on a coupon you don't want or can't use, consider reselling it. These sites make it pretty darn easy.

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