Friday, 6 April 2012

Source of Coupons That You May Not Have Thought Of

Trying to get your hands on more coupons? See if you've thought of these sources:

1. Receipts
Before you stuff that grocery receipt into your pocket or purse, take a second to see if anything is printed on the back of it. You may just find a coupon for your favorite hair salon, restaurant or oil lube.

2. Free Samples
Request a free product sample, and your loot is likely to arrive with a high-value coupon attached to it. Now that's a great deal!

3. Phone Books
Need a coupon for an area business? Check the phone book. Most have a special coupon section, but you'll also find coupons built into ads.

4. Ticket Stubs
The next time you attend a sporting event or play, be sure to flip your ticket stub over. A coupon for a freebie or a cheapie could be waiting for you on the back.

5. Instant Win Games and Sweepstakes

Want to get your hands on more free product coupons? Then, try entering sweepstakes. Lots of instant win games offer coupons as prizes: